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Release Date: 17 September 2015

Director: Deane Taylor, Noel Cleary
Genre: Animation
Country: Australia

Do you know that Australia has its own version of Russian double-crested Cheburashka and Winnie The Pooh?

More than 80 years funny baby koala Blinky Bill entertains the kids with his adventure and his motley team of friends, at first, on the book's pages, and then on the big and small screens.

He stood the test of fame and all formats from the movies and the TV series to comics. Now Blinky Bill boldly kick in the XXI century in the guise corrected with the latest 3D technology.

The long-awaited animated movie about new adventures of Blinky expected as early as this September.

At this time the dreamer and the adventurer Blinky, who lives in the quiet town called Green Patch, walks in the dangerous outback in search of missing Dad.

Pathless jungle and hot desert are aswarm with the unknown predators and filled with many obstacles and the villainous Wild Cat follows the tracks of the brave kid, hoping to get even with him for old grievances.

But Blinky has a company of trusted friends, Nutsy and Jacko, who always support him as a last resort with gentle charm and comic chatter.

As we know, сomic chatter is a soapbox of David. In previous versions of Blinky's adventure, his friend Jacko was a kookaburra who often laughed. But the creators of the new Blinky decided that it would be necessary to invent something more humorous.

Indeed, what could be funnier than David Wenham as a frill-necked lizard? !


Ryan Kwanten ... Blinky Bill (voice)   
Robin McLeavy ... Nutsy (voice)   
David Wenham ... Jacko (voice)   
Deborah Mailman ... Blinky's Mum (voice)   
Rufus Sewell ... The Cat (voice)   
Toni Collette ... Beryl / Cheryl (voice)   
Richard Roxburgh ... Bill Koala (voice)   
Barry Otto ... Mayor Cranklepot (voice)   

and the others…


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