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Let's name it "firty"! Why not?

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"Yes, boss!"

David and Joseph Millson (Major Ross) on set of "Banished" in the spring of 2014.


Monash University ~ Question the Answers
from The Refinery Post Production on Vimeo.

The official trailer for "Lion".

David in the studio of radio station Gold, 30/07/2015

09 -18/09/2016 International Premiere of "Goldstone" at the Toronto International Film Festival.

09 -18/09/2016 "Lion" is scheduled to be screened at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

12/10/2016 "Lion" will be the American Express Gala film at the London Film Festival 2016.

25/11/2016 "Lion" will be released in the United States by The Weinstein Company.

24-26/05/2017 The World Premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Helen Earnshaw: Lion Joins BFI London Film Festival Programme (femalefirst.co.uk, 18/08/2016) Read more

Joey Nolfi: Toronto Film Festival 2016: Magnificent Seven, La La Land to screen. (26/07/2017) Read more

Peter Sobczynski: Paul Cox: 1940-2016. Father of Independent Australian cinema.(rogerebert.com, 18/06/2016) Read more

Stars in New York gather to save Australian animals (Sunrise, 27/05/2016) Read more

Katey Rich: Why Dev Patel’s Lion Is Already on Awards-Season Short Lists. (vanityfair.com, 14/04/2016) Read more

Monash University encourages you to question the answers in new work via GPY&R Melbourne. (13/04/2016) Read more.

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas: The Boys has a privileged place in Australian film culture for its inclusion of strikingly raw, before-they-were famous performances of now internationally celebrated actors like Toni Collette and David Wenham. (themonthly.com, 08/08/2016) Read more.

Louise Keller: All roads lead to the wonderfully named Furnace Creek, where David Wenham's corrupt mine boss Johnny keeps bundles of $50 notes and beer at hand for bribes. Johnny is a vulgar creation and Wenham makes it stick. (Urban Cinefile) Read more

Seanna Cronin: Jacki Weaver and David Wenham, as two of the town's more sinister influences, are both excellent in an extremely creepy way. (noosanews.com, 28/07/2016) Read more.

Luke Buckmaster:The key to unlocking this hugely ambitious genre hybrid – a classic Australian film and a masterpiece of outback noir – is understanding that Goldstone is a country, not a town, and its name is Australia. (The Guardian, 09/06/2016) Read more.

The official poster for "Goldstone".

David as the corrupted manager of the mine.

The premiere - July, 7, 2016,Sydney Film Festival, Opening Night.

Official web-site

Banished (TV, 2015)

The Force of Destiny (2015)

The Code (TV, 2014)

Shooting of the joint Franco-New Zealand-Indian project "Beyond The Known World," under the leadership of a talented filmmaker Pan Nalin, ended in September 2014. David and the New Zealand actress Sia Trokenheim play the divorced couple forced to unite in the search for their daughter who disappeared during a trip to India. The film was shot on the scenic mountain passes of the Himalayas. The release date has not yet announced.

Official Site  Trailer

A little bird told so: it seems, in fact, Hollywood intends to shoot a big movie about the legendary Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, who died tragically in 2006. The main intrigue of the project is the name of the actor, who will be able to embody an amazing character on the screen. Irwin's daughter, Bindi, believes that it should be Hugh Jackman. The scientist, who worked with Steve, has a completely different point of view. Oh ... However, there is no doubt that Hollywood, as always, will decide on its own. It's a pity... Read more

Marvel's Netflix Series to Film in New York City

The Marvel Universe, finally, has found in its depth the Galaxy of David Wenham. The company Netflix, which already engaged in the production of the acclaimed crossover mini-series "Defenders", suddenly discerned in David's magical dramatic charm the excellent ominous potential. The next season of "Defenders" is on the trail of the famous Iron Fist, in the real world named Danny Rand. David is mobilized to provide the antagonistic pole of the project. Read more.

Video introduction of Clinton Caward's debut novel "Love Machine".

Today, David is passionate about his new directorial experience. His friend, producer Robert Connolly, and he assure in numerous interviews that they are ready to start production of the project called "Love Machine". This provocative title implies an adaptation of Clinton Caward's book, describing bizarre manners of Kings Cross, which is David's beloved district of Sydney, with all its quirks and mysteries. Read more

David's projects continue to replenish the baggage of Prizes.

4 wins and 14 nominations, including AACTA Award.

6 nominations, among them 5 - AACTA Awards nominations.

1 win and 2 nominations for Best Short Film.

2 nominations for Best Children's Film.

Sydney Film Prize Nomination for Best Film.


In early April of this year, David has pleased his fans with participation in The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention in Gothenburg, Sweden. The most emotional story by Josefine Stenudd about a meeting with the beloved actor you can read here.
And yes, David! Take care of your health! It does not belong only to you!

"I have to say that I find David Wenham to be very childlike. He has considerable experience, but I did not think any of my ‘feeling attracted to older men’ played any role in this, as it was more like dealing with a child, someone really adorable nonetheless.It was really refreshing to work with David; I possibly developed some strong abs working with him as he made us laugh so much all the time." (Shahana Goswami, "The Force of Destiny", 2015) Here

Star of Banished: David on the cover of TV liftout in the Sun-Herald, June, 2015. About "Banished".

David with his daughters Eliza Jane and Millie on the representation the family-friendly opera "The Rabbits".

Sydney Festival, January 2016

In May David hosted a spectacular fundraising gala dinner, dedicated to Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Great event took place in Central Park, New York. David also narrated a little promo video for this organization. Read more.

June, 14, 2001
The film, which by all indications was to become a cult classic for Wenhamania, was released on this day. David's first contact with Russia looked charmingly, giddily and quite friendly and was full of all possible stereotypes - "Swan Lake", matryoshka, Russian girls of easy virtue. It's strangely, but there were no a bear and a balalaika. "Russian doll" with David, Hugo Weaving and Natalia Novikova, however, didn't become a masterpiece. Sorry, David, but the real "Russian dolls" live only in Russia and look something like this)))

The movie about "the Apostle of the Lepers", Father Damien, filmed on the Hawaiian island of Molokai in 1999, was the beginning of a close friendship between director Paul Cox and actor David Wenham. Stunning biographical story tells about the heroism of self-sacrifice of the priest, who voluntarily went to an isolated colony, to care for abandoned sick people. The filming left an indelible mark on the soul of David. In memory of it, David and Paul had got tattoos in the form of a turtle, the Hawaiian symbol of peace and earth. About the film.

Paul Cox, a man who is widely regarded as "the father of Australian independent cinema", has passed away on June 18, 2016. Unique and bold voice, which was low, but strong in his wake, not even trying to shout the clatter of mainstream, now he says no more. In our days, when the boys psychologically pass into old men, Cox managed to keep his emotional youth until the last minute. The philosophical sensibility, strong integrity and poignant love for people - he will remain the same in his films.

"Molokai: The Story of Father Damien" (1999)

"The Force of Destiny" (2015)

"Banished" (DVD)

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Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty - narrated by David Wenham. Ballet, music and classic tales.

Wind of Wenhamania, or David Wenham and "the weirdness of fame". Russian feelings with English subtitles.


Best David's character ever? (multiple answers)
Doug ("Cosi")
Diver Dan ("SeaChange")
Brett Sprague ("The Boys")
Father Damien ("Molokai: The Story of Father Damien")
Josh ("Better Than Sex" )
Audrey ("Moulin Rouge!")
Jim Doyle ("The Bank")
Luke ("Dust")
Faramir ("The Lord of the Rings" )
Alex Kirby ("After the Deluge")
Johnny Spitieri ("Gettin Square")
Carl ("Van Helsing")
Eddie Harnovey ("Three Dollars")
Murray Whelan ("Stiff", "The Brush-Off")
Eden Fletcher ("The Proposition")
Mark Waldman ("Answered by fire")
Dilios ("300")
Neil Fletcher ("Australia")
Gerold ("Pope Joan")
Len ("Oranges and Sunshine")
Andrew Fraser ("Killing Time")
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