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CODE TV-series
Release Date: 21 September, 2014

Director: Shawn Seet
Scriptwriter: Shelley Birse, Blake Ayshford, Justin Monjo
Genre: political thriller
Country: Australia
Running Time: 6 episodes
Awards: 9 wins and 5 nominations (AACTA Award - Best Direction in a Television Drama or Comedy, Best Original Music Score in Television, Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama (Ashley Zukerman), Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama (Chelsie Preston Crayford), Best Television Drama Series and others)

David only had time to say - "Now I'd like to do something funny," catching his breath after the series of grim and tragic projects of recent years... and he immediately found himself on the set of the political thriller. Such is the irony of fate.

Or regularity, if you have good taste, good company and a huge grudge against politicians of all stripes.

The script writers have mixed in a cocktail of the story the high technologies and the red dust of the outback, nuclear programs and family drama, a couple of teenagers in love and their restless teacher, Iranian refugees and Pakistani and North Korean diplomats, police and secret agents, hacker organizations and spies, the sharks, the piranhas and the minnows of a pen and, of course, the VIPs from pompous corridors of power.

The rain of the unimaginable problems and moral dilemmas will pour on the heads of two brothers - Ned, the conscientious, but successful journalist and Jesse, not of this world computer genius . But what do you want, if your curious mind and playful fingers leads you into the wilds of the secret information?

The moral of the story is. Whenever the world again begins to teeter on the brink of an international crisis, do not rush to conclusions about global problems of mankind. Perhaps it is only the commercial problems of some high-ranking official?

The tasty story, delicious style brought together the team of first-class actors, with whom David has repeatedly shared the set.

Political topics is not alien to David, and he dissolved with delight into the image of cynical minister, Ian Bradley, who concentrated all power of negativity. Political bile beats as a fountain of healthy sarcasm. Indeed, the residents of the Parliament House in Canberra do not feel comfortable.


Dan Spielman ... Ned Banks   
Ashley Zuckerman ... Jesse Banks   
David Wenham ... Ian Bradley   
Lucy Lawless ... Alex Wisham   
Chelsie Preston Crayford ... Sophie Walsh  
Dan Wylie ... Lyndon Joyce   
Aden Young ... Randall Keats   
Aaron Pedersen ...Tim Simons   
Adam Garcia ...Perry Benson   
Adele Perovic ... Hani Parande   
Steve Rodger ... Malcolm Coover  
Ursula Yovich ... Kitty Boyd   

and the others…


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