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Director: David Wenham
Writer: Clinton Caward (book), David Wenham
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia

After many years of dreaming about the directing, having done some successful exercises in the small format (segment "Commission" in the anthology "The Turning"), David found himself on the doorstep of a long-waited project. By the greatest sorrow of his fans in a new film he is going to act solely as a director and screenwriter.

Behind the shocking and frivolous headline of literary source it was discovered a novel by the young Australian writer, Clinton Caward, who received rave reviews from critics and readers for socio-dramatic motives and poetic and philosophical overtones of his first book.

Add to this the well-known love of David to his native city and the small miserable people like Johnny Spit and etude will get a lineament.

"Love Machine" is a kind of portrait of Kings Cross, so dearly beloved by David, the district of Sydney, which is known for its eccentricity.

The most lecherous and the most refined shebangs, shops, restaurants and cafes are located there. This is the heart of the Australian sex industry, the sleepless neighborhood, where the dissolute life boils day and night and attracts the most fantastic characters of the city.

The protagonist of the story named Spencer is a night shift shop assistant in a sex shop.

The typical representatives of the shadow life of Kings Cross - junkies, freaks, thieves, prostitutes, homeless people are passing by the guy.


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