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Premiere: 30 July, 2015, the Melbourne International Film Festival.
Director/Writer: Paul Cox
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia

Real life's composed of the moments of strong emotions. Even if this feeling is pain. Sometimes it looks like redemption. Sometimes it's healing.

And no matter how much time you have left - it is always enough to understand something, or may be to improve.

Documentary film "On Borrowed Time" narrated by David was to be the epitaph to the seventy-year director, Paul Cox ("Molokai: The Story of Father Damien"), dying of liver cancer.

But mourning is canceled!

Paul Cox hasn't yet told his audience everything about this fragile and powerful, painful and beautiful life. He returned from the latest line, rejuvenated, inspired by a new love and creative plans. And David, of course, without a second thought agreed to become part of this new project.

"Force of Destiny" is the sad and inspiring cinematographic version of the director-screenwriter's life experiences.

Talented, but lonely sculptor Robert falls into the abyss of severe crisis. The doctors's promise him only six months of agonizing life, after he was diagnosed with liver cancer. But while his body inevitably dies, his soul is reborn with a new love. Lovely Indian girl Maya, marine biologist, opens for Robert the tremulous world filled with new meaning.

And there is nothing accidental in this world. Everything forms one chain.

Creation. Life. Death. Love. Renaissance.


David Wenham    … Robert
Shahana Goswami    ...Maya
Jacqueline McKenzie    ...Hannah
Geneviève Picot    ...Louise
Terry Norris    ...Derek
Hannah Fredericksen    ...Poppy
Deidre Rubenstein    ...Miriam
and the others…

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