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David Wenham in Russia


aka Damiaan (Belgium: Flemish title); aka Father Damien; aka Molokai: The Forbidden Island (UK: DVD title)

Molokai 1999

Director: Paul Cox
Writer: John Briley (writer), Hilde Eynikel (book)
Genre: Biography/Drama
Country: Belgium/Netherlands/Australia
Runtime: 109 min
Awards: 1 win, 3 nominations: 2002-AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) Best Actor in a Leading Role (David Wenham) and others...

A true drama, based on the real story of an uncommon man and shot against a background of genuine scenery of a forbidden island Molokai.

The end of the XIX century. On the Hawaii is raging a leprosy epidemic - an abominable incurable illness, even the name of which horrifies people.

The government finds a radical method to solve the problem: all patients are shipped and taken away to a remote island in the ocean. Here, rock-bound and water locked, barren of elementary medical care, left to the mercy of fate, unfortunates got to know in all its deepness despair and a moral degradation.

It seems nobody cares about them in the whole world except one person. The Belgian missioner Father Damien comes to the Molokai leprous colony of his own free will.

He is moved by the inconceivable to the most mere mortal people spirit of self-sacrifice.

So his mission is soon going out the scope of priest's duties.

Alas, this approach to the problem doesn't promise a long life...

"Molokai" was a first big international project of David Wenham.

The Father Damien's role still remains one of the dearest for the actor rather for ethic reason than for the professional one.

Even the most grumbling film critics were touched by the depth and strength of Wenham's performance.


David Wenham    ...Father Damien
Kate Ceberano    ...Princess Liliuokalani
Jan Decleir    ...Bishop Köckerman
Chris Haywood    ...Clayton Strawn
Derek Jacobi    ...Father Leonor Fouesnel
Keanu Kapuni-Szasz    ...Malulani
Alice Krige    ...Mother Marianne Cope
Kris Kristofferson    ...Rudolph Meyer
Leo McKern    ...Bishop Maigret
Sam Neill    ...Walter Murray Gibson
Peter O'Toole    ...William Williamson
Dirk Roofthooft    ...Father Conrardy
Tom Wilkinson    ...Brother Joseph Dutton
Aden Young    ...Dr. Kalewis
Kate Agnew    ...Sister Leopoldina

and the others...


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