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Release Date: 15 January 2015

Director: Robert Connolly
Scriptwriter: Steve Worland (book), Robert Connolly
Genre: Family
Country: Australia
Running Time: 96 min.
Awards: 1 win and 6 nominations (the CinefestOZ Film Prize, Crystal Bear for Best Film (nomination) and others)

The talented director, producer and just the friend of David, Robert Connolly ("The Bank", "Three Dollars", "Balibo") proves that he is interested and skilful in all genres.

This time, he masters the untilled field of family cinema and presents a charming story about a boy from the Australian outback who sends his dream in flight.

Dylan has just lost his mother and found himself in his new hobby. He makes paper airplanes and do well enough to win the big Australian Competition.

Now he wants to win the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan. The confrontation with the main rival, Jason, not a major problem, it is much more difficult to overcome your own complexes. But the meeting with the other rival, young Kimi, abruptly changes the boy's life.

Unusual for the modern cinema children's film is decorated with star "parent" cast. Sam Worthington ("Gettin' Square", "Avatar") plays Dad of Dylan, while David got the role of the father of "the competing party."

We know exactly who should be pleased with this film - two little girls finally got a chance to see their Dad on the big screen.


Ed Oxenbould ... Dylan   
Sam Worthington ... Jack, Dylan's Dad   
Terry Norris ... Grandpa   
Ena Imai ... Kimi   
Nicholas Bakopoulos-Cooke ... Jason   
David Wenham ... Patrick   
Deborah Mailman ... Maureen   
Peter Rowsthorn ... Mr. Hickenlooper   

and the others…


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