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Banished TV-series
Release Date: 5 Marchr, 2015

Director: Jeffrey Walker, Daniel Percival
Scriptwriter: Jimmy McGovern, Shaun Duggan
Genre: Drama, History
Country: UK
Running Time: 7 episodes/60 min.

In the seven-parts British drama David's character is cast in bronze. He's just shining from the pedestal of unattainable greatness.

Meet Arthur Phillip, the founder and the first Governor of Sydney, "Father of the Nation" and the man with stunning breadth of mind, far ahead of his time.

So, in addition to long curls, he must have a strong-willed eyes of leader, the noble uniform of Captain, the frightening guard of the sword and fragrant fleur of epic. We can see all of these ingredients in presence, and this is real joy for the melted fans.

Australians do not often recall their history. It is hard to imagine a nightmare which became the basis for the modern relaxed and prosperous Australia.

The offspring of poverty and vice, who was banished from the familiar environment, British convicts, and not too different from them soldiers built their world on a lonely, strange and deadly beach, among the poisonous spiders, the bloodthirsty crocodiles and the unfriendly natives, in the fight against hunger and passion, unbearable heat and homesickness.

Nobody prepared the cultivated fields and comfortable houses for the settlers, who landed on the wild beach of Port Jackson back in 1788.

And while these children of nature try sort things out, bash and kill each other because of the meager rations and women, their romantic-pragmatic Governor is trying to create on the bare sand new society of social justice, true morality and equal opportunities.

Truly an impossible mission if you do not have a reliable hangman.


David Wenham ... Governor Arthur Phillip   
Russell Tovey ... James Freeman   
Julian Rhind -Tutt ... Tommy Barrett   
MyAnna Buring ... Elizabeth Quinn   
Joseph Millson ... Major Ross   
Joanna Vanderham ... Kitty McVitie   
Ryan Corr ... Corporal MacDonald   
Ewen Bremner ...Reverend Johnson   
Genevieve O'Reilly ... Mary Johnson   
Orla Brady ... Anne Meredith   
Brooke Harman ... Deborah   
David Dawson ... Captain Collins   
Cal Macaninch ... Sergeant Timmins   
Adam Nagaitis ... Private Buckley   

and the others…


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