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David Wenham in Russia



Dust 2001

Director: Milcho Manchevski
Writer: Milcho Manchevski
Genre: Drama/Western
Country: UK/Germany/Italy/Republic of Macedonia
Runtime: 104 min.
Awards: 1 nomination: 2004-Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA Best Sound Editing in Foreign Features.

In a modern New York a very strange old lady bound a young unhappy burglar, who had broken into her apartment and, having promised him all her countless treasures, if he would be a good boy, begins to tell him a very strange story of hundred years' standing.

There are two cowboys in it: cool and unscrupulous, but very charming Luke and righteous but tedious Elijah.

Both of them cannot share a woman. A final result is tragic enough and Luke goes for a wander through the world, being engaged at the same time in extremely improper affaires.

But burning with revenge Elijah finds his brother even in God forsaken Macedonia out-of-the-way place, among unrest of mixed robber bands and Turkish soldiery.

He finds him only to tell that the brother doesn't exist for him any moreЕ

Well, at any case, it did both of them good: Elijah calmed down and Luke took a new life for a noble heroic feat, and a result of that is this strange old lady, telling the story.

The movie was underrated by the audience and critics mainly because of unusual mixture of styles and a narration difficulty. However it cannot but excite imagination! Unexpected turning-points of the plot, a bloody realism, lambent humour, a free flight of fancy, an unusual director's train of thoughts and a performance of splendid Wenham, whose charismatic Luke will not be unimportant to the most fastidious expert.


David Wenham    ...Luke
Joseph Fiennes    ...Elijah
Adrian Lester    ...Edge
Anne Brochet    ...Lilith
Nikolina Kujaca    ...Neda
Rosemary Murphy    ...Angela
Vlado Jovanovski    ...Teacher
Salaetin Bilal    ...The Major
Matt Ross    ...Stitch
Tamer Ibrahim    ...Kemal

and the others...


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