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Wenhamania's mood:
  medicin Sugar and lemon, desiccated coconut and allegory, humility and struggle, irony and tear, meaning and illusion, despair and hope, infinity and ellipsis ...

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A Hobbit, a Man and a Dwarf!

Sean Astin, David Wenham, Adam Brown at the Medieval Fantasy Convention, Burg Castle (Solingen, Germany), 26 August 2017

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Panel, Medieval Fantasy Convention.

The official trailer for TV Mini-Series "Wake in Fright".

David on "Ellipsis". the Melbourne International Film Festival, 14/08/2017

Two part remake of "Wake in Fright" will air on Australian Channel TEN.

An American premiere of "Beyond the Known World", the film directed by Pan Nalin.

The TV series sequel to Geoffrey Wright’s 1992 movie "Romper Stomper" will screen on Sundance Channels in multiple territories. More here/


Premiere of "In Like Flynn".

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Vicky Roach: "I made my teacher have a nervous breakdown" (dailytelegraph.com, 23/09/2017) Read more

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Karl Quinn: Romper Stomper miniseries 'might not sit right', says star. (illawarramercury.com.au, 26/08/2017) Read more.

Luke Buckmaster: The result is delightful: a high-spirited and humane dramedy with a sparkling joie de vivre and an infectious passion for people and their idiosyncrasies.. (theguardian.com, 09/07/2017) Read more.

A sweet and charming romantic drama with the city of Sydney playing backdrop, Ellipsis re-introduces David Wenham as a director with a rich feel for character and place. (mattsmoviereviews.net) Read more.

Toby Woollaston: Both Trokenheim and Wenham offer powerfully raw and authentic performances that capture the couple's anguish at the lack of power they wield over their situation. (noosanews.com, 20/04/2017) Read more.

Richard Gray: Beautifully shot film about a nightmare parental scenario that opens up minds in the midst of a dark desperation. (thereelbits.com, 21/04/2017) Read more.

The official poster for "Beyond the Known World".

David Wenham and Sia Trokenheim as a recently-divorced Kiwi couple in India searching for their missing daughter

Release Date: 20 April 2017 - New Zealand.

6 January 2018 - USA.

"In Like Flynn" (2018)
"Beyond The Known World" (2017)
"Ellipsis" (2017)
"Top of the Lake: China Girl" (2017)

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" (2017)
"Lion" (2016)
"Goldstone" (2016)
"Who Do You Think You Are" (2015)

David Wenham, Jacqueline McKenzie, Toby Wallace and Sophie Lowe started production on the new series in Melbourne.

The violent Hando of Russell Crowe from the cult movie, which was most often compared to the brutal Brett Sprague (The Boys), nonetheless caught up with David after a quarter of a century. Australian director and screenwriter Geoffrey Wright, the creator of "Romper Stomper", took him out to his team, which is filming the television sequel of the controversial but talented picture of 1992 about a gang of skinheads ignominiously ruining themselves in the stone jungles of Melbourne. Read more.

David's projects continue to replenish the baggage of Prizes.

4 nominations, for Teen Choice Awards.

33 wins и 76 nominations, including 6 Oscar Nominations and 4 Golden Globe Nominations

10 wins and 16 nominations, among them 5 AACTA Awards.

1 nominations и 2 wins, including AACTA Awards.


On August 26-27, in the picturesque Burg Castle (Solingen, Germany), thousands of cinema fans greeted the eminent guests of the Medieval Fantasy Convention. The highlight of the program was the trio of legends of the cinematic Middle-earth - Ory the Dwarf/Adam Brown, Sam the Hobbit / Sean Astin and, of course, the noblest of the people, Prince of Ithilien / David Wenham. Fantastic entourage, the enthusiasm of fans and the star charm of David turned this meeting in a truly fabulous event. More on Henneth-Annun.ru.

“You could understand why all the great success David’s had could take you down certain paths in life and it hasn’t. The whole way he lives his life and the things he prioritises – he’s an extraordinary father and a tremendous friend – show how unaffected he is by all that. “Ellipsis” is a really beautiful film which very much reflects David’s personality. It’s got a combination of affection and mischief and playfulness and heart – all the qualities that make David such a strong actor. As [the characters] journey through Sydney, you feel the world that he observes and loves; the people he knows, the places he visits. He really knows this world”. (Robert Connolly, director, screenwriter, producer, friend. "Ellipsis") Here.

David Wenham features in Stellar magazine. (Pic: Hugh Stewart for Stellar), September 23, 2017.

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David Wenham, Kate Agnew and their daughter Eliza Jane at the Australian premiere of Lion, The State Theatre, Sydney, 19 December 2016 г. More here.

In early August, David and Kate supported with their presence and commentary the presentation of the unique program of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. ACO Move is a series of classes for young people with disability that integrates sound and movement with live music. Participants work with ACO musicians through a series of exercises designed to develop verbal and physical responses to music. More here.

August 29, 2001
"Dust" of the talented director and Oscar-nominee Milcho Manchevski had opened the Venice Film Festival. It's a cruel, extraordinary, innovative ostern with American scale, Macedonian coloring and a deep philosophical message. Triumph turned into a tragedy. Politics, stagnation, intrigues almost destroyed the film, crashing its distribution, leaving this pearl only to true connoisseurs. Years later, the most underrated and most brilliant picture in David Wenham's career is still waiting for its hour. The hour is inevitable, like progress.

Among the historical characters embodied by David, unconditional leadership retains the character cast in bronze, a man whom Australians rightfully consider "the father of his nation". Arthur Phillip (1738-1814), the founder of Sydney, the first European colony on the coast of Australia, was an extraordinary and advanced person in all senses. A brave naval officer, a talented naval commander, an excellent administrator, just a leader, he possessed, not by the standards of his time, wideness of mind and a human heart. They helped him lay the cornerstone of a new civilization on a wild, alien and deadly shore. Fans of the "Banished" still hope for the return of the charismatic Governor.

David Wenham, Saroo Brierley and his adoptive mother Sue on the set of the film "Lion".

"A Long Way Home" began with a huge tragedy, and ended with a terrific happy end. The Odyssey of Saroo Brierley, a lost Indian boy who spent 25 years looking for his real family, is a story about the contrast of the worlds, the strength of the roots, the constructive humanity, on which civilization stands. David fell in love with it even when it was just a newspaper publication, seeing a powerful potential for the film. A few years later, this potential was unfolded in all its cinematic power, bringing 6 Oscar nominations to the creators. And Wenamania is very proud that her favorite actor has become its important part.

" Force of Destiny" (DVD)

Force of Destiny (web-site)
Force of Destiny on iTunes

"Hallelujah". David's favorite fragment of Handel's oratorio "Messiah", which reminds him of his father.

Wind of Wenhamania, or David Wenham and "the weirdness of fame". Russian feelings with English subtitles.


Best David's character ever? (multiple answers)
Doug ("Cosi")
Diver Dan ("SeaChange")
Brett Sprague ("The Boys")
Father Damien ("Molokai: The Story of Father Damien")
Josh ("Better Than Sex" )
Audrey ("Moulin Rouge!")
Jim Doyle ("The Bank")
Luke ("Dust")
Faramir ("The Lord of the Rings" )
Alex Kirby ("After the Deluge")
Johnny Spitieri ("Gettin Square")
Carl ("Van Helsing")
Eddie Harnovey ("Three Dollars")
Murray Whelan ("Stiff", "The Brush-Off")
Eden Fletcher ("The Proposition")
Mark Waldman ("Answered by fire")
Dilios ("300")
Neil Fletcher ("Australia")
Gerold ("Pope Joan")
Len ("Oranges and Sunshine")
Andrew Fraser ("Killing Time")
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