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Welcome, dear fiends!

You can see here the results of creative searches of Russian fans of Australian actor David Wenham.

Incredibly popular in his homeland, David Wenham, or just Daisy, as friends and fans call him with love, has been undeservedly unknown in Russia until now.

It is, of course, understandable, because the Russian viewer knows about Australia only that it is the birthplace of kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. Moreover, David has an original attitude towards his Hollywood career. He conquers the world screen very inactively, but manages to hit the mark every time however. It is told in one of the American comments: "If this guy isn't a bigger name in America, I have to assume it's because he doesn't want to be." And may be the explanation of his obscurity is that the viewer simply does not recognize David in his new roles. Are you acquainted with his Hollywood characters? Faramir in "The Lord of the Rings", Carl in "Van Helsing", Audrey in "Moulin Rouge", Dilios in "300", Neil Fletcher in "Australia"... What have you felt when you first knew that the same actor plays these roles? Was that emotional shock? What will it be like when you look over the pages of our site?

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the unusual appearance of Wenham covers a deep, sensible, noble, cheerful and unbelievably modest person… In any case, we know that David Wenham is too bright figure in the world cinema to ignore him! And we will do our best to prove it to you!!!

Our aim is to explore and to spread the creative work of our favorite actor. On our site, you will find the full information about David - biographies, interviews, reviews, synopsises of the films, fan works, the latest news and of course photo galleries. We are not professionals. We are just amateurs. May be we will make some mistakes. However, we are serious and responsible fans, so we do not collect gossips and do not plagiarize. We try to give love to everything we do.

We are glad to thank the sites, which we used as the main and invaluable sources of information. We count on effective collaboration with them in future:


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We will be glad if you appreciate our work and become constant visitors and active fans! We wish you to get a great pleasure from the creative work of bright actor David Wenham and our fan work. We hope you will share our viewer passion, which is called



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