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GP TV- series

Genre: Drama
Country: Australia
Runtime: 8 Seasons, 318 episodes
Awards: 2 nominations, 8 wins: 1991- Silver Logie Most Outstanding Actor (Michael Craig); 1992- Logie Most Outstanding Series and others...

One of the best in that genre and one of the most long-living Australian TV-series about modest and saturated with professional, social and private problems working days of an ordinary clinic.

The series drew attention of the audience mainly through that being a typical melodrama; it nevertheless touched the different social issues of the modern Australian society, and the characters of the soap opera not only treated their patients, but tender-heartedly tried to solve their not-medical problems.

From that point of view this subject was inexhaustible.

♦   Unlived Lives

Season 3, Episode 30

Director: Robert Klenne
Writer: Peter Schreck

The episode with the participation of young David touched the problems of homeless and other unfortunate groups of the population and besides that unmasked scandalous things and abuses in the service of social support. The problem is developing by the example of David's character, who is in himself picturesque enough - a boy named Barry West unemployed and homeless, broken, but proud, embittered, but sensitively apprehending even a little support, lonely and left to the mercy of fate.

Fractured ribs - a result of a righteous scuffle with his brother, are nothing compared with what is to come to the boy, who is ready at any case to fight, defending his dignity and very scanty property.

A kind lady-doctor, in the charge of which is a gloomy roughneck, of course cannot allow him to spend nights in the street and every day find new incidents. That's why she places him into a social shelter. It soon turns out that Barry was perhaps more safe spending nights in the street.


Michael Craig    ...Dr. William Sharp
John McTernan    ...Dr. Robert Sharp
Judy McIntosh    ...Dr. Nicola Tanner
Denise Roberts    ...Julie Winters
Brian Rooney    ...Michael Winters
Miles Buchanan    ...Geoff
David Wenham    ...Barry West
and the others...


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