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David Wenham in Russia



Russian_Doll 2001

Director: Stavros Kazantzidis
Writer: Stavros Kazantzidis, Allanah Zitserman
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Country: Australia
Runtime: 90 min.
Awards: 1 nomination, 1 win: AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) Best Original Screenplay.

In general, strictly speaking, the girl was Jewish, although she has come from Petersburg.

But to the Australians it is all the same. Above all they probably wanted easily, softly-softly, jesting to throw light upon immigration problems.

Beautiful Katia comes to Australia to become its citizen by common efforts of marriage agency and her woman's charm.

But the excited fiance suddenly died without having done his marital duties.

Katia is disconsolate, but, after all, such luxurious girls don't stay alone too long.

The trouble is that the next Katia's admirer, eccentric, but respectable Ethan is unable to make her an honest woman, because he is already married for a long time and absolutely hopelessly.

In order to save a defenseless girl from long arms of the immigration service, gentleman Ethan intends a typically Russian combination: he organizes for Katia fictitious marriage with his best friend Harvey, who is very nice, but successful neither in his career nor in a person life.

These important circumstances of course blunt Ethan's jealousy vigilance.

Too early...Harvey, by the way, doesn't differ from other men. In general, so that's how things are!

Comic roles suit David definitely. But a hot embrace of a pretty lady from Russia suit him much more better. Oh, David, it's a pity that you are acquainted only with an export version of Russian girls.


Hugo Weaving    ...Harvey
David Wenham    ...Ethan
Natasha Novak (Natalia Novikova)    ...Katia
Rebecca Frith    ...Miriam
Sacha Horler    ...Liza
Helen Dallimore    ...Alison
Alan Lovell    ...Max Davenport
Felicity Price    ...Phaedra
Laurie Foel    ...Eve Davenport

and the others...


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