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theboys 1998

Director: Rowan Woods
Writer: Gordon Graham (play), Stephen Sewell (writer)
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia
Runtime: 86 min.
Awards: 16 nominations: 1998 -AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (David Wenham); 1999- Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards Best Actor Ц Male (David Wenham); Berlin Film Festival, Best Film; 10 wins: 1998 -AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) Best Achievement in Direction, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (John Polson), Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Toni Collette), Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Source (Stephen Sewell).

A screen-version of the Gordon Graham's play of the same name. One of the most much-talked-of Australian cinema-projects won 13 unexampled nominations of the AFI.

A classic film. An epic work of an experimental films' master Rowan Woods, which started a new direction in the Australian cinema.

The plot is based on the real event - a crime, that shook Sydney, a girl's rape and her murder by three brothers.

However the film tries to investigate the reason, which provokes such aggression.

The audience becomes an eye-witness of one day in the life of the Spragues' family, a day, during that all their small world rushes to the brink of a precipice.

The eldest brother, a cynical and unbalanced Brett, came back home after a year imprisonment.

Not without a feeling of dissatisfaction he finds out that his relatives - his mother and two brothers - did well without him and managed already to regulate their private life, in which there is no place for him.

It seems nothing hinders Brett to enjoy his own happiness: his girl-friend, Michelle, was waiting for his coming back impatiently. ButЕ a sexual failure, an unrequited offence, a devastated drug's cache - all that provokes a paranoia.

Brett aims at self-affirmation and at bringing back his influence to the family. The trouble is that he cannot stop in time...

According to all Australian critics and audience, Brett Sprague is one of the best Wenham's roles.

With this movie David presented himself in the cinema for the first time definitely and loudly. The movie was a reference point of his fame abroad, inasmuch as created a furore at Berlin Film Festival 1998, where David Wenham was solemnly proclaimed to be "the next Russell Crowe".

It's a pity that David didn't perceive that title seriously.


David Wenham    ...Brett Sprague
Toni Collette    ...Michelle
Lynette Curran    ...Sandra Sprague
John Polson    ...Glenn Sprague
Anthony Hayes    ...Stevie Sprague
Jeanette Cronin    ...Jackie
Anna Lise Phillips    ...Nola
Pete Smith    ...Pete Smith
Sal Sharah    ...Nick

and others...

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