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David Wenham in Russia



Wenhamania`s coat of arms

 Dear friends! Wenhamania`s team is representing our emblem with pride! This sweet and sour offspring of the joint and a little bit extravagant efforts is a symbolic embodiment of everything we think of our main hero, effulgent Mr. Daisy, and everything Mr. Daisy thinks of us. OK, Daisy thinks about entropy of the Universe and we think about Daisy. And about Wenhamania`s entropyЕ But that`s all the matter!

Our coat of arms consists of French heraldic shield color of emerald fan's hope of you know what. In the middle of the shield there is Russian tricolor heart, which is fulfilled with love towards far-away country of kangaroos, eucalypts and the most talented and handsome actors ever known on Earth. And to leave your doubts, that our love could be dedicated to kangaroos and eucalypts, far behind, actor masks are placed at the top of it. Besides, in order that the Hugh Jeckman`s admirers would never mistake, a royal Wenham`s monogram is shining above the heart - W.

Coat of arms is crowned by the ancient solar-chthonic proto Slavic symbol, which is associated with the favorite actor (named Sunny by the peoples of Wenhamania). It also has ambiguous interpretations. The first association is connected with the shining charisma of our favorite.

The almost poetic columns were dedicated to this:
Sunny Sunny

Not offended by nature
Your looks, oh, dear Dais,
These curls are as precious
As noble gold glaze.
You`ll warm up and light up
Those ones who are close by.
So you should be as gorgeous
As sunshine in the sky.

The second association was born by that sad fact that Sunfaced Light of Wenhamania`s Eyes appears on the screens of our harsh northern latitudes only in connection with the universal space rhythms, and discussions of his future private visit to Russia take place only in the topic named "Keep dreaming".

A nice daisy flower-bed plays role of the mantling on our coat of arms and thanks to the David`s parents, whose titanic work and efforts ended up in the world`s masterpiece. Due to the heraldic canon, on the shield of the junior son we should place a rose. But we don`t want our David to be named Rosy, of course, do we?

The branches of the Gondor`s White Tree support the shield and represent a direct hint at the lyric and tragic character of Faramir the son of Denethor. Faramir bereska

Owing to this epic personage David Wenham`s fans has eventually found the meaning of their fan's life!
  The White Tree of Gondor is close to every single Russian heart as it reminds us of Russian birch! And heart of the Wenhamania's girls is frantically beating in sight of any birch as it reminds them of the White Gondor Tree.

Finally, the White Tree`s bifurcation embodies inner trait of David as an actor. On the one branch there is Dreamy Sloth telling us with his own looks: "I`m not going anywhere higher! I`m comfortably well off here, thanks..." And on the other branch there is Hesitating Chameleon that muses upon whether going up is worth of efforts or not.

Of course, you`ll argue that those are not Australian animals, but does Heraldica, actually, cares? Chameleon is beutiful and useful creature. The use of it remains a secret to the scientists but it does exists and doesn`t need any proof . And, you may be confused by the ginger Sloth. But let`s suppose, his fur became red after the kiss of hot Australian sun!

These two heraldic figures symbolize the great confrontation of David`s traits. sloth hameleon
The first one is "I feel quite good here! I`m not going to change anything!", owing to which we should see David`s movies every two or three years (only if there is a planet parade which shades Beautiful Sirius while Lion`s Regulus is in the constellation of Ophichus). The second one is "To climb or not to climb! That is the questionЕ", thanks to which we ARE ABLE to watch his movies, even though not as often as we would love to.

In spite of our strong and passionate desire to push these nice animals up a bit to the new films, to the new peaks, our slowly-moving up the Gondor`s Tree friends symbolize David Wenham`s balanced career. Which can seem nice too - even though our Sloth and Chameleon are high in the tree there is still lots of space for the creative growth and advancing. (In the long run it`s quite up to our Russian marks and proverb: "Slow and steady wins the race.") Sunny

And motto "Multum in Parvo" (Much in Little) at the foot of the tree tells everyone that talent can not be measured in thousands of one type roles, dozens of awards and positions in the world rankings made by no-one knows who... Real talent, like David`s one, can only be defined by the depth of thoughts, brightness of emotions, loyal devoutness to the occupation and art, and that endless satisfaction we get every time when we watch his performance!

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