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September, 21, 2017

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After spending almost two years in concerns and meditations, Wenamania returns to her watering place.

Such a long absence had causes and consequences. TrumpAt first Wenamania worried that, in the light of the dominant international circumstances, hot Russian love could damage David's American career, just as it happened with one well-known president.

Soon it turned out that the hot Russian love for one well-known president is a mythical substance and evaporates easily in the air when it comes to reality. But Wenhamania's love for David has a name, passport, address of residence and for some reason does not want to evaporate. So Politics proved powerless.

medicinAfter all this, the discouraged Wenhamania plunged into a gloomy analysis of her own medical phenomenon, trying to understand herself in particular and the nature of fan love in general. But desire to realize the nature of love in and of itself was diagnosed as a clinical case, so Medicine proved powerless too.

All this time David was very busy. With all his remarkable might he played villains and scoundrels of all stripes and joked in his Twitter about the Russian language. But, as it is not difficult to guess, David proved powerless in principle.

As a result of hopeless attempts to comprehend the unknowable, to explain the inexplicable and to overcome the invincible, Wenamania helplessly returned to her own threshold. And finally finding the peace of mind in despair, she rolled up her sleeves and started to knead dough for birthday cake.

Today it turned out to be especially good. Sugar and lemon, desiccated coconut and allegory, humility and struggle, irony and tear, meaning and illusion, despair and hope, infinity and ellipsis ...

And it, obviously, will never end.

For, as Leo Tolstoy said, love is the only gift that remains with you, even when you give it away ....


To be continued ......

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